Our Partners

The more, the merrier. We can’t make magic happen alone.

For that, we have some of the finest partners ever to have graced this city.

James Locksmith

The master magician himself. The ultimate curator, producer and DJ and our trusted advisor and partner. With James we’re taking things to new and more interesting heights. The game is changing and we’re the ones changing it.

TH Sound

Imagine if everything you heard was nothing but pure gold and magic. Like honeycomb on a silk sheet. The beautiful men Ranjan and Toma always take care of us in just about every situation.


Every event and genre needs lubrication. The best kind of drinks across the board. Not only do they give us the ability to loosen people up, but we work together to craft experiences that you can’t find anywhere else.

Wasla Festival

The men and women in the world who have managed to satisfy all that was missing in the region. A festival curated around alternative Arab music. The biggest and best names in the world come on the Wasla stage to showcase to the large Arab populace the magic of the region. We take care of the local stage to represent the up and comers.

There are always more and more on the way.

We’ll keep you posted.