Our Services

This is what we do:

Artist Bookings

You want an artist for your restaurant, event, wedding, party, you name it. We’ll arrange all that for you. The full 360 of artists bookings, from contact, pricing, confirmation and more. We do it so you don’t have to. Our artists.

Event Management

We take over venues, stages and music management of all kinds. We host our own events and also take of the stage at your events. A full turnkey service where we handle the full music programming, set design, staging, sound and artist line-up. We know what we’re doing and we know you trust us to do it for you.

Festival Management

We create our festivals and events, but alongside that, we can help you book out the best of the best for your festival. From international bookings to the smaller local bookings you need.

Private Events

Whether it is a private event with some great curation or an international booking. We play a big part in making it all happen for you.

DJ + Playlist Curation

Need DJs for your space? Perhaps just some of that background playlists that play throughout your operating hours? Well, no fear, we do that too. And we do it really well.

We do more and more, feel free to ask us in the contact page.