Adam Khattab

About:  Meet Adam Khattab, a 20 year old university student currently pursuing his career as an Avionic Engineer, and an all rounder musician. He has a passion for spreading his talent through out any opportunities that comes upon him. Having the dedication and mind set to perform for an open audience and to enjoy their company as he serenades them with his astounding soundtracks. This singer/songwriter has been performing all around the UAE, more over, in Dubai. He has been invited to many organizations that hold open mics, such as Freshly Ground Sounds, Blank Space, Open Mic @ The Creek, and many more! Adam is very open minded when it comes to music, as his taste varies from hard core metal, to RnB, to the soft melodies of Soul Jazz.


This solo artist plays a variety of instruments, from the piano, bass, drums, and his specialty, the guitar. His skill in playing the instruments have developed over the years ever since he has first held his first guitar at the age of 11. Adam loves playing covers, as he knows that this is exactly what the crowd wants. And that’s all what he aims for, he wants to make the crowd happy, and that’s what motivates him and uplifts his spirit as an individual! But again, not only does he play covers, he also has his originals which is yet to be released to an open crowd!


Adam is hoping to be recognized all over places in hopes that one day he may be performing for events that would suit everyone’s purpose, and of course, for any good cause.


Having a small amount of recognition, we do believe Adam has the full potential to grow bigger in his endeavors to be a pro-musician. And we are definitely looking forward to more of his spotlights!


What he plays:  Soul Jazz, Acoustics, Covers, Originals.


Most often plays at: Open Mics, such as Freshly Ground Sounds, Blank Space, Creekside, Jazz@Pizza Express

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