About: Alastar is often misunderstood for being lost when he’s only wandering, only to find himself being a part of stories that he lives in to bring them directly to your ears. He wishes that those stories make people feel things because he believes that his job as an artist is done when he accomplishes that. He is an Artist that can sing. So most his work is based on visuals and triggering your senses to make you feel every emotion he depicts in different ways.

He has been recognised by abbey road studios in London and got work with them after the release of his first song “Last Trip”. He then moved on to working on different songs, his latest being “Victim” and collaborating with other artists as well as performing in London, LA, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He’s been in two of the biggest competitions in this region. The Young emerging talent and Virgin Out Loud. They both opened a lot of doors for him regionally. He’s Currently Working on his Debut EP that he wants to expand with, career wise

What he plays:  Vocalist

Most often plays at:  Gigs

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