Carl and the Reda Mafia

About: The ultimate success story. Rumor has it that these guys may have had the fastest rise in music in a long, long time. Either way, we are extremely glad to have them. Here are Carl and the Reda Mafia, and if you have not already heard of them, here is their story.

Carl and The Reda Mafia formed in October 2014 and started writing music soon thereafter. They found flyers of the Band Jam Battle of the Bands and spontaneously entered. The band thought they did not stand a chance, but as you may have guessed, they actually went on to win first place.

That was the beginning of it all, they started performing gig after gig and eventually partnered with the United Nations for the #HeForShe campaign for which they wrote the song ‘Fight For Your Queen.’ The video and song were a huge hit on YouTube (160k+ views) and the band went on to sign with Abu Dhabi based White Cube Studios. Their debut album ‘What The?!’ will be releasing this year.

We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. On October 1st 2015, a year from their formation, Carl and the Reda Mafia opened for the legendary Bon Jovi in front of 20,000 fans. ‘Heaven’ is how Carl described it, and we can only imagine what a way that must have been to celebrate their 1 year anniversary.


Most often play at: These days? All over Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Beats on the Beach, du Arena, you name it.


What they play: They are a 4 piece funk jam band.

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