Fat Randall

About:  Hailing from Dubai, Fat Randall is a punk outfit consisting of 3 dudes and some instruments. This three way destruction derby came together when Romario and Ray, who’ve been writing music together since 2011, met Dubai punk veteran, Paul Coutts at the end of 2013 and decided to step into a jam room together, to preposterous results!

With Paul on guitar, Ray on drums, Romario on bass and all 3 sharing vocal duties, you can expect some fast, explosive punk rock that focuses on everything from politics, or our disapproval of its abuse, to bad breakups while also having a laugh and making it as contagious as possible.


What they play: Punk. Rock. That simple, that effective.


Most often play at:  Local music festivals, unplugged shows at The Gramercy and Jazz @ Pizza Express


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