About: I am Haranero. Haranero is a happy musician who aims to share positive vibes to people whenever he plays. most of the songs that he loves to perform are those with bright, happy feel, because he has a mission to eradicate all the sadness in the world and fill it with love. Haranero tries to stay away from playing sad, angry, songs because Haranero is, well, not sad and angry. Haranero is very passionate in his music, he takes time in crafting his song covers, very careful to keep the essence of the song while interpreting it in his own unique way. Haranero is greatly influenced by the music of Bruno Mars and also wants to have a curly hair. would you believe? Haranero is starting up his own website! is still in development stage and wants to hear what people would want to see on his website. Haranero hopes to share his music to you soon! “Let good times and good music roll!

What he plays:  I play mainstream pop music

Most often plays at:  I often play at open mics (stock exchange bar, wings and rings), home concerts and events (freshly ground sounds)

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