Kevin Cruto

About:  I first encountered this style when I was in 2nd year college – 2008. I saw a man in youtube named Edgar cruz who arranged and performed ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen. That was such a difficult song, but he arranged it into 1 guitar with all instruments played altogether. Then and there I realized I want to play like him, I started studying intensely, everyday before and after school. I then became more exposed to this scene and discovered many fingerstyle players like Kotaro Oshio, Masaaki Kishibe, Tommy Emmanuel, and many others.. ever since that day up I made music my passion..

What he plays:  I am an independent guitar player – My style is fingertyle solo guitar, where you arranged a song with all instruments (voice, bass, rhythm, percussion, melody) together

Most often plays at: Jazz @Pizza Express and Homeconcerts meetup groups

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