Mytee A

About:  My name is Ashira Allan Fernando, I’m an average patriotic Sri Lankan. Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, then moved back to Sri Lanka and after a few years back, I landed back to the United Arab Emirates.

I’m a very outgoing person and always love being around with music and friends. I used to play rugby and basketball in Sri Lanka and I still love those sports. Back there, I was surrounded by evenings of music in church and during the weekends, since dad was a guitarist, my family would always find an excuse to have a gathering with guitars and a type of instrument that almost every Sri Lankan family possesses, a glass bottle and a spoon. It gets pretty loud as the evening goes into night, but I was always there, trotting along to the music I barely understood. When I was a teenager, I bought a guitar and started playing it along with them and this ignited my passion for music.

During my teenage phase, a tsunami of digital music hit the world, I was brought to it by my friends, I fell in love with it. I started off with CDJs and small parties. People loved my music, to see people raving to your mixes is an indescribable feeling. At present, I’m having Pioneers and with a following of 5,446 on Facebook ( ), and by the name of DJ Mytee A, things went to a good start I must say. A few months back I met a person called “Chamath B.” who also mixes digital music in a way called “Chopping” and now, we started off with a project called Ceylonified (

Ten years from now, I want to be a certified audio engineer and have my own studio. I want to play for Creamfields and be on the DJ Mag top 100. To put in a nutshell, I just want to turn my passion into a major and successful career.

What he plays:  A beatmaker and mixmaster

Most often plays at:  Clubs around Dubai and Sri Lanka

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