About:  Hadi Hassan Hamdan ( Born September 15, 1993), Better known as his stage name “Quiz” is a UAE-born international Hip-Hop Artist, song writer, & producer. Chasing dreams is not just the perfect description of his ambition, but at the age 16 he traveled to Canada ( Halifax, Nova Scotia ) to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering, after successfully finishing one year, he switched his major into business, and after noticing that this is not where his true passion is, he returned to the UAE, Dubai and successfully earned his Bachelors of Audio Production. Forming connections with platforms, and developing his craft silently yet efficiently, Quiz has started to bring out the best of his dreams and ambitions quickly becoming a well known and established artist in the Middle east region.

Feel free to check out all of his latest music, Feel free to check out his old music, and feel his pain, experience, passion, and join the movement by supporting him through this road that he has chosen to take!

The music that he brings out is known to give listeners vibes, chills, and goosebumps. He always has an unexpected way of forming a special connection towards his fan base.

What he plays:  Beat Maker & Hip Hop Artist

Most often plays at:  Performed at The Music Room and currently doing a lot of studio work for an upcoming album

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