Sara Tarabulsi

About:  Sara has a voice you want to hear no matter what mood you are in. She has this beautiful, clear tone that really resonates beyond her performances. It’s gentle yet powerful with undeniable charm.

Sara has performed in theaters with large jazz bands and has a wealth of experience playing music all around the world. She is an all around fantastic human being and an incredible professional. We guarantee that every show Sara plays, she will always be smiling, laughing and making sure every person in the room is having a great time.

Here is an interview we had with her to better understand her background and personality:

The Interesting Life of Sara Tarabulsi

What she plays:  Mostly covers with her fantastic Norah Jones-y voice. A large repertoire of female soul and blues. She is writing originals as we speak.

Most often plays at:  The Gramercy, Jazz @ Pizza Express, Marina Music Festival and various other locations around Dubai.


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Sara Tarabulsi Polaroid