Sarah Al Shaybani

About:  Sarah Al Shaybani is a Dubai-Based singer/songwriter and visual artist. Keeping the people and the things that inspire her the most by her side, Sarah has the passion and the determination to breathe in life to the fullest.
With a colorful aura that surrounds her, she sends vibes of happiness, passion, and love to anyone she meets. The word “stranger” does not exist in her world; she believes that anyone she meets has a new story to introduce to her. And she welcomes it with open arms.
Sarah has been singing since she was 13, and from then on, she’s decided that it’s definately the dream to pursue. Her one true calling. And so after a few gigs and open mic-nights, Sarah decided to create her own YouTube channel as an independent platform for her original music and covers to be exposed. It only grew further and further, bringing along a few local and international performances, such as; Freshly Ground Sounds, Metronome, The Other Side and opening for Lebanese Rock band Roswell in Jordan and Lebanon.
When passion meets honesty, you’re introduced to Sarah’s original songs and covers. When passion meets happiness, you’re introduced to her presence on stage. With a charming smile and a charismatic personality, you’re guaranteed one heck of a performance!


What she plays:  Acoustic covers and originals


Most often plays at:  There is no one venue that could contain Sarah, she plays everywhere from White Cube events, to public parks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi


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