For the last 10 months, I have dedicated my life to music and tech. Everything possible to combine the two together so that we can actually tap into some phenomenal music in Dubai (and around) and showcase it to the world. Obviously, this is all the while running a sustainable business and benefiting ourselves on the way.

In the last few weeks, I have seen fellow compatriots and companies fall or dissolve because of financial, market or miscellaneous reasons and this is a short essay about my thoughts on this situation.

In my last essay, Pie, I mentioned that the only way it would make sense for us to continue in our silos if is we were in an established industry in an established market. Actually, even then working in solidarity does not work too well.

Innovating in a market that is still finding it’s feet involves cooperation, sacrifices and teamwork.

Two fellow companies that have done an insane amount of work for the local scene are closing down or about to close down. In a place like London, LA or NY people would see this as an opportunity to capture their assets and clients but over here, in Dubai, we need to view this as a wake-up call. I hate to have fallen companies stir up this realization but sometimes it takes something big to really see what we are up against.

We need to build up faster and stronger to make sure this does not happen again. Local music in the UAE has taken a big hit and it will bear no fruit for anyone. We need more people like those who are about to leave us and we need us all to work together to really make a difference. This is a wakeup call for all of us to pick up their work and then some. To continue making a difference but making a bigger one. This isn’t a waiting game, there is no guarantee that patience is the answer but at least if we work extremely fucking hard, gather resources and brainpower then something big can come of it.


Look at that broken face.

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