Fast Forward Mixtape

The Fast Forward Mixtape

Our newest and most challenging project yet. A  mixtape. All local artists. We are taking submissions for any artist who has a song idea and wants to see it through to completion. However there is a catch: We will be giving artists only 3 hours in a studio to completely finish a song. As an artist, we fit in a 3 hour block together at the home studio. We craft the song and create the beats and layers together and produce it for you. This means we mix it and master it. We gather content throughout the journey. The whole thing is documented on film. We profile you as the artist and your song. Once the song is ready, we release it, market it, publish it amongst our media partners and push the absolute shit out of it.


Well, this project is designed to get artists in Dubai out of their comfort zone and maximize their creativity in a small window of time.


We’ll be running 10 full days at the home studio. From April 29th – May 9th. In the studio all day within those hours.  The mixtape will be released in July.

For the artists:

We want to take any local artist here in Dubai that is up for the challenge. The genre doesn’t matter at all. Young or old, amateur or professional. Even if you’ve never been in a studio before, we want you to have this experience.  Submit your name and follow the rest of the instructions. Want to join in? Have a track in mind? Maybe you don’t and just want to see what magic can be made together? Think you can get it done in 3 hours? Then we’ll get moving.


As soon as you step foot into The Sound Gaarden studios the clock is ticking! We start the production from scratch at the beginning of the three hours, and we have as a finished a song as possible by the end. If you have an instrument you would like to play, bring it along. If you have an idea of a song already bring it along. If you just want to wing it, thats good too! All the recording gear will be set up and waiting for you.

The song can be mixed and mastered after the session. However, whatever you get done in the 3 hours is going to be released as is!

Please, if you are booking a slot, make sure that you can make it and there are no last minute changes. This project is all about efficiency and making sure we live our best lives in the studio sessions.

Let’s make magic.

Step 1: Sign up and fill out the form below (‘Sign Up’)

Step 2: Pick your time slot (‘Time Slot’)

For any questions, email us at zain@thesoundgaarden or