Hire Artists

Hire local artists

We have artists for all kinds of events and venues. Choose what best suits you and we will take care of the rest.

Private Event

This could be anything from a house party, a company barbecue, a birthday or even a corporate event. Imagine all your attendees and guests amazed by your support of local music. You can tell them true stories about how these are unique musicians to your city that will make it big one day. They’ll always remember you and your event when one of the musicians is seen around town, in videos and on the big stage.


This is something we love to take part in. Who doesn’t love festivals? Nobody, that’s who. We have a wide range of experience at festivals, and we always make sure the people around us feel part of the experience. All of our artists perform their hearts out at every festival. They engage the crowds, and become a fabric of the event itself. If you are looking to create a festival that will resonate with people across the board through music, well, welcome home.


We see you own a restaurant, or at least manage its music. That’s a tough job. You always want to make sure people come back and remember the dining experience at your joint. We understand that, actually, we address that through our curation services and create some incredibly unique experiences for all the restaurants. All our artists are local, which means all of their friends and family who come to perform are local, new and repeat customers. We want to extend our network to you.