The way I listen to music has changed a lot since starting The Sound Gaarden. For example, I used to go deep into Spotify or YouTube and listen to all genres of music, from live performances, studio mixes and isolated vocal tracks. For hours. These days however, even though I listen to music more than I ever have, I don’t get the chance to explore music at my own pace anymore. I have to be more efficient about the way I listen and discover my own music.

A reporter once asked David Beckham if he practices about 100 free-kicks a day. He laughed and said, ‘No, I only take 10 a day but make sure they are all as close to perfect as possible.’ That is how I listen to my own music these days. I single out a weekly playlist of 5–10 killer songs that I will listen to religiously for that week. There is some beauty in listening this way. I get to know each song better, dissect aspects about the composition and lyrics and, often, hear things I did not the first time around.

Anyways, with that in mind, here are 5 tracks that I have been listening to all week, in no order whatsoever. A little peek into my mind.

Sharpness — Jamie Woon


Breathing Underwater— Hiatus Kaiyote

Cause this band. They’ve changed everything. Please sit through the whole thing for me.

Wet Dreamz — J. Cole

A song about having sex for the first time? Killer.

Baby Blue — Action Bronson (feat. Chance The Rapper)

End Of The Affair — Ben Howard

This live version at Jools Holland is incredible.

I will try to keep these coming as my playlist changes. The songs don’t necessarily have to be new tracks or fresh releases but just my music of the week, or month. Although, nothing like discovering musicians on The Sound Gaarden right?